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Christophe can also repair a dented solid silver teapot, silver cutlery, twisted candlesticks, a coffee pot with a broken handle, a silver timpani, a broken regula statuette and many other things.

Isabelle restores the perfume sprays whose bulbs have dried out. She takes care of changing the pear and the trimmings and putting them back into working order to rediscover the pleasure of wearing perfume.

Discover, through the pages of our site, some creations in images, and a plan for coming to see us at the workshop as well as all our contact details.

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Tradition and quality in every detail

Antique Silverware and Goldsmithery

In our workshop, we can carry out all types of silverware repairs , dent removal, welding, leveling, polishing of teapots, cutlery, timpani, candlesticks, dishes, trays.

All types of re-silvering and gilding , cutlery, teapots, candlesticks, dishes and all shaped parts.

We also manufacture missing parts in silver or silver metal on shaped parts.

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Rediscover the pleasure of exceptional cutting


We can carry out all types of cutlery repairs:

  • chrome plating of steel blades on handles in ebony, horn, silver, ivory, bone, mother-of-pearl,
  • re-cementing of blades,
  • change of stainless steel blades.
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Meticulous repairs to preserve authenticity

Tin coins

Our workshop also specializes in the repair of pewter objects , teapots, vases, pitchers, dishes, and others. Welding, dent removal, polishing, re-silvering, replacement of missing parts.

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Handcrafted for impeccable restoration

Precious Wood Handles and Rattan Cladding

We redo the handles in precious wood , ebony, macassar ebony and rosewood. They are shaped identically and adjusted by hand, using traditional tableting techniques.

We also master traditional clissage (rattan handles on teapot or kettle)

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Our artisanal know-how brings your collectibles back to life

Bronzes, regulates and works of art

Specializing in the repair of decorative objects and works of art in bronze and regula , statuettes, pendulum frames, candelabra, replacement of missing parts, welding and re-electrification of objects mounted as lamps

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Rediscover the art of perfume

Old perfume sprays

We also restore and sell old and recent perfume sprays , replacing bulbs, changing trimmings, cleaning the bottle, chips on the crystal and operation.

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