Refurbishing old perfume sprays

Do you have an old perfume vaporizer in poor condition and would like to have its bulb, its frame or even its vaporization system repaired ?

Isabelle Guillot , former restorer of this famous perfumery object , worked for Galerie Belle de Jour and Maison Muller for more than 20 years . Today, she continues this activity with her husband and continues to restore old vaporizers , some of which are signed by great glassmakers and crystal makers such as Baccarat, Saint-Louis, Lalique, Daum, Guerlain...

Perfume spray restoration services

An expert in her field, Isabelle gives a second life to your old perfume sprays, bottles and flasks .

To do this, it carries out different operations to meet all your requirements and give you a completely renovated vaporizer:

  • Replacement of the bulb
  • Addition of new trimmings (different colors possible)
  • Cleaning and unblocking the frame
  • Glass Dip Tube Replacement
  • Gilding of the metal frame
  • Replacing the missing frame
  • Cleaning empty bottle
  • Checking the operation and the vaporization system
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Sale of old perfume sprays

L'Atelier Guillot offers you in its online store, numerous models of old perfume sprays with pears and old perfume bottles .

Models in crystal , glass and porcelain of different sizes, shapes and colors are at your disposal so that you can choose a model that suits you . Take pleasure in perfuming yourself in complete elegance .

Perfume sprays also allow you to offer a unique and exceptional gift to anyone who loves old and refined objects.

Find different collections, some of which are signed by the biggest crystal, glassware and perfume houses such as Baccarat, Lalique, Daum, St-Louis, Guerlain and Gallé.

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