The house of Guerlain, an emblematic brand of perfumery

La maison Guerlain, marque emblématique de la parfumerie

The house of Guerlain, an emblematic brand of perfumery

The Guillot workshop , located in the heart of Paris , available in store or on its online catalog, multiple old perfume sprays signed by the most large crystal houses, glassware And perfumery . Today is home Guerlain , one of the biggest perfume brands, that we highlight through this article.

Guerlain is a house of iconic French perfumery , known worldwide for its luxurious creations And timeless. Founded in 1828 by Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain, this family business has survived the decades by pushing back frontiers of the art of perfumery and creating legendary fragrances.

The story of Guerlain is that of a passion passed down from generation to generation, of a ceaseless quest for excellence and a commitment to creativity and innovation. This article immerses you in the world of Guerlain house , retracing its remarkable journey.

At the heart of Guerlain’s history

Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain, the founder of the Guerlain house and passionate chemist, opened his first perfume shop in Paris in 1828.

In this boutique, he offers fashionable perfumes imported from England but also personal compositions created in his own workshop.

Cosmetic preparations, soaps, elixirs, eau de Cologne... Members of the Guerlain family continue to innovate and push the boundaries of the art of perfumery since soon 200 years old.

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The Guerlain house: 200 years of know-how

Despite the challenges of time, the Guerlain house stay true to his legacy and to his expertise.

Over the generations, the Guerlain family passes on its precious perfumer know-how, jealously preserving the secrets and formulas that have made the brand famous. This tradition is illustrated by iconic perfumes such as " Shalimar " And " Imperial water ", 2 iconic essences from the house of Guerlain which continue to captivate perfume lovers of whole world.

The story of Guerlain is that of a French perfume house who has stood the test of time thanks to his commitment to excellence and innovation . From its humble beginnings to its status as international luxury brand , Guerlain has created timeless perfumes who have marked the history of perfumery.

Through the generations, the Guerlain family has preserved his heritage and continues to write new chapters in the olfactory universe , encouraging perfume lovers to explore and enjoy the unique creations of the Guerlain house.

Guerlain will forever remain a symbol that has its place in the perfume market, synonymous with elegance , expertise and of sophistication .

The Guerlain house and its role in the creation of perfume sprays

Guerlain has played an essential role in the history of creation and development of the perfume vaporizer, also known as spray bottle . The Guerlain house is one of the first to have introduced this revolutionary system of perfume distribution, which changed the way perfumes were used and applied.

For practical and sensual use

However, Jacques Guerlain, perfumer And heir to the Guerlain house , was looking for a more practical And elegant For apply perfumes. In 1908 he collaborated with the master glassmaker Pochet And of Courval to create everything first perfume spray.

THE perfume spray allowed users to spray perfume directly on the skin, thus providing more precise application and an better distribution of perfume. This system also made it possible to reduce waste and to extend the lifespan of the perfume.

Guerlain was the first to market this new concept of spray bottle, offering customers a more practical use of perfume and luxurious.

Since then, the Guerlain brand continued to develop and to perfect its spray bottles, by offering elegant and functional designs . These bottles have become collector's items prized by perfume lovers and contributed to strengthen Guerlain’s image inasmuch as  luxury brand and innovation.

Throughout its history, the Guerlain house has registered its brand on various bulb perfume spray models as :

  • Travel sprays
  • Luxury vaporizers
  • Tabletop vaporizers
  • Hairdresser sprays.

Whether in the form of spray or bottle , the old Guerlain perfume bottles often appear in a case or in a box to strengthen its luxurious character And chic.

So, Guerlain played a major role in the introduction and evolution of the perfume vaporizer, by offering consumers a new way to enjoy and apply their favorite perfumes.
The Guerlain house and the glassworks houses And crystal factories
Many creators have joined forces with the Guerlain house for the creation of vials And vaporizers . THE eau de parfum, essences, fragrances and all others capacities Or Guerlain scents could have been placed in perfume bottles, signed by the big houses following:

  • Pochet glassware
  • The Courval glassworks
  • The Baccarat crystal factory
  • Nancy’s crystal works
  • Brush glassware
  • Rosmenil glassworks
  • The crystal factories of Val-Saint-Lambert.

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Atelier Guillot provides you with numerous old perfume sprays signed by big houses as Guerlain , Baccarat , Saint Louis , Daum … If you are looking for a collectible or representative of the art of perfumery , find your happiness on our online catalog or in our shop located 44 rue des Gravilliers in Paris.

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