Lalique perfume bottles and sprays

Collection de vaporisateurs et flacons anciens à parfums de la maison Lalique

Lalique is a French luxury brand which produces crystal objects since 1888. Founded by the famous artist René Lalique, the brand is known for its unique and timeless pieces which have become fashion and design icons. THE Lalique perfume bottles and sprays are available in a wide variety of styles and colors, making them a great choice for collectors , lovers of art and perfumery.

Lalique perfume sprays and perfume bottles are also very popular due to their quality and their sustainability . The pieces are made from high quality crystal which is designed to resist scratches and impacts. The pieces are also designed to be easy to clean and maintain.

There luxury brand Lalique is thus synonymous with quality and of timeless style.

Focus on Lalique perfume bottles

Lalique perfume bottles are luxury items who became beauty icons. Since their creation in 1921, they have become collectibles highly sought after.

Lalique perfume bottles are luxury items that are known for their elegant design. They are made of high quality glass and crystal and are often decorated with delicate designs also on the metal or glass caps. The bottles are generally oval, rectangular or cylindrical in shape, generally decorated with precious metals.

lalique perfume
Rare Lalique perfume bottle

Lalique perfume bottles, known for their luxurious packaging, are generally delivered in velvet boxes or in satin to protect and preserve them.

Lalique perfumes are available in different styles ranging from classics to the most modern.

There are also Lalique perfume sprays made with French crystal. They are handmade and available in a variety of styles and colors with different patterns. They also have a gold metal frame or chrome to facilitate the application of perfume and his vaporization.

lalique perfume bottle
Lalique perfume spray and its “R Lalique” set

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René Lalique: the story of this creator of perfume bottles

Before the creation of his famous brand, Rene Lalique studied at the School of Decorative Arts in Paris, entered as an apprentice with Louis Auroc. He subsequently continued his art studies in London.

He began his career as a engraver And jeweler . He then extended his skills to the design of jewelry, of glass and of ceramic.

René Lalique has founded his brand in 1888 in Paris, starting by creating glass and metal jewelry, and his creations quickly attracted the attention of the greatest collectors and the greatest fashion houses. Over the years, the brand has expanded its product line to include crystal objects , accessories but especially the famous Lalique perfume bottles that we offer you in shop.

Lalique perfume spray
Lalique perfume spray cactus model

Lalique is considered one of the most great jewelry designers and decorative objects all time. His creations are still highly sought after and appreciated by collectors and art lovers. Some of his works are exhibited all over the world , considered to be true masterpieces .

In the world of fashion, of the cosmetic and some perfumery , his contribution is invaluable. He has indeed created jewelry and accessories for major houses recognized throughout the world such as Dior, Chanel And Givenchy.
René Lalique also has his own brand : THE Lalique perfumes.

The birth of perfume bottles signed Lalique

In 1909, Lalique created a glass label for François Coty.

This resulted in the creation of a brochure decorated with flowers and scents of Art Nouveau style perfume.

Conquered by this experience, Coty decides to call on Lalique for the creation of glass bottles. This is how the latter opened his glass workshop.

Lalique perfume bottles
Lalique perfume bottles models Muses, Amour, Dalhia

Lalique perfume bottles are decorated in the same way as its jewelry, namely on the theme of woman and flowers.

Many renowned perfumers have called on Lalique to form a collaboration such as d' Orsay, Guerlain, Arys, Corday and many others.
Throughout his career, we can count the creation of more than 400 bottles of Lalique perfume . He is even the creator of perfume bottles, sprays and empty bottles to offer customers the possibility of adding any essence, fragrance, capacity (eau de toilette or eau de cologne) and scent of their choice.

In 1945, after the death of René Lalique, his son, Marc, took up the torch and began a collaboration with Nina Ricci.

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Take pleasure again with a exceptional object in which you can incorporate all fragrances and scents of your choice. A Lalique perfume spray guarantees you, during a sensual gesture to perfume oneself, a moment of happiness the time of a spray.

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