A story of goldsmithing and love

Christophe et Isabelle Guillot, artisans et restaurateurs d'objet d'art

Isabelle And Christophe Guillot , owners of Atelier Guillot at the heart of Paris , are happy to have you share their story and to tell you about their common passion: goldsmithing.

Married since 1995, Isabelle and Christophe are partners in life but also in the professional world.

Having common interests , this couple chose to open their store in order to exercise, hand in hand, their passion job.

Go through this article and get into the behind the scenes of Atelier Guillot specialized in restoration of old pieces of goldsmithing and of bulb perfume sprays.

What is the history of Atelier Guillot?

Christophe Guillot learned everything from a master goldsmith. It was during this experience that he developed a unconditional love for goldsmithing, This business Art carried out by artisans for more than 5000 years.

Learn more about goldsmithing and silverware renovation

Following this, Christophe made the choice to follow his path on the way of the goldsmith by setting up on his own in 1995, alongside his wife.

Over the years, they decided to buy the workshop and the clientele of a glider goldsmith and they perfected themselves in the planing (manufacture of solid silver dishes with a hammer) to expand their range of services.

For her part, Isabelle worked with the boutique “belle de jour” , also located in Paris, while co-manager of Atelier Guillot.

It was during this subcontracted work that Isabelle learned and exercised the profession of restorer of old perfume sprays. She now offers this service alongside her husband.

Experiences that gave birth and growth to Atelier Guillot

Long before the birth of Atelier Guillot, Christophe and Isabelle worked in bar service. Then, by the greatest chance, they were hired in a antique shop and goldsmith family and then joined the workshop of a master goldsmith implanted on Paris for a period of 3 years.

How does Atelier Guillot receive its customers?

Atelier Guillot guarantees restorations of goldwork pieces carried out in the state of the art.

If you wish to call on the talents of Christophe and Isabelle, know that their secret is to always adapt needs to and to desires of their customers.

When you come, these goldsmith specialists establish a diagnosis in front of you in order to present the renovation operations required and offer you a tailor-made quote.

That you wish embellish an object Or restore the usual look of the room or restore an object while retaining the patina of time, Atelier Guillot will meet your expectations. Discover our workshop

Their expertise also allows them to advise you on matters of repair to preserve as much as possible value of the object.

What do Christophe and Isabelle like most about their job?

To be a good goldsmith, it is necessary to be attracted by old objects.

What Christophe and Isabelle like most is dealing with very beautiful old pieces , discover unique stories through them and share them with their customers.

Finally Christophe loves challenges. The more you entrust him with a complicated object to renovate, the more time it will take. pleasure.

A little word from Christophe and Isabelle:

“It is our customers who make us evolve. We are committed to always being able to repair everything to satisfy our customers. We also love the feeling of gratitude we feel when we restore heritage pieces. »

What parts do they like to repair the most?

No matter what object you entrust to Atelier Guillot , Christophe and Isabelle will take a immense pleasure to renovate it. They feel lucky to be able to to touch to everything and to work of the different objects.
Isabelle's sentence: “We never get bored in our workshop.”
If Christophe had to select a renovation that he preferred, he would choose the solid silver coins : a pleasant metal to work with. As for Isabelle, the renovation of pear perfume bottles is close to his heart.
Bringing new life back to life iconic pieces of the perfumery And symbol of femininity he particularly likes. Learn more about old perfume bottles

Advice from Atelier Guillot: What does it take to be a good goldsmith?

If you want working in goldsmithing , here are the necessary qualities:

  • Be perfectionist
  • Love it manual work
  • Be sensitive to the charm of old pieces and know how to respect them.

Did you like this article? Christophe and Isabelle will be happy to tell you more about their history during an exchange in their workshop.
Do you have an old part to repair? Contact them.

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