Atelier Guillot specializes in the restoration of all goldsmithing and decorative objects.

All repairs are carried out in our workshop where we use traditional tools, hammers, dowels, mallets, bigornes, piles, forge, polishing lathe, milling machine for all types of repairs or restorations.

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  • Denting and polishing a solid silver timpani


  • Refurbishment of a solid silver table fork


  • Re-silvering of a table fork or spoon


  • Chrome plating of steel knife blades


  • Knife blade re-cementing


  • Restoration of a perfume spray

    around 110€

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We work on the following matters:

  • Solid silver
  • Silver plated
  • Brass and red copper
  • Tin
  • Bronze
  • Regulates
  • Precious wood, ebony, rosewood
  • Mother-of-pearl and horn
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Dent removal, degraving after welding and polishing of a silver timpani