Focus on the renovation of silverware and goldsmithing

Argenterie et orfèvrerie anciennes à l'Atelier Guillot

The Guillot Workshop is specialized in renovation of goldsmith pieces and silverware (table cutlery, teapots, old timpani, candlesticks, reliquaries and various art objects, etc.).

So that you can learn more about our goldsmith profession , discover how our artisan goldsmith enhances your old silverware to give them a second life.

Goldsmithing is the art of working precious metals , mainly silver and the copper. THE goldsmiths are artisans who create and repair decorative objects or utilities from a noble material.

To work silver , it must be alloyed with a small quantity of copper. When this alloy contains more than 95% pure silver , we speak of solid silver . We can also work with money 2nd title : 80% silver And 20% copper red.


Silver coins have a titling punch to identify the type of alloy here. Silver 2nd title has a neck brace head punch affixed by the state and in force since 1838.

The pieces made by goldsmiths often have sentimental value because they tell a story. unique personal story . The rooms have engraved hallmarks whether ancient Or modern. A maker's mark allows potential buyers not only to identify easily if the parts come from a private craftsman, but also to become aware of its approximate date of manufacture. THE punch system has been in place since XV th century in order to register any new model produced by a given manufacturer.

What is silverware renovation?

There silverware renovation is a process which consists of clean, polish, straighten… of the silver coins in order to make them more beautiful. This practice dates back to ancient times and can be carried out through a artisanal work l. There silverware restoration requires special attention to avoid further damage or loss of original luster.

THE goldsmith's work and the silverware renovation are artistic careers having a long story. Indeed, the art of the goldsmith has been practiced for more than 5,000 years ago , while modern techniques for restoring or repairing silver date back only a few centuries. Goldsmiths work with a wide range of raw materials: silver, copper, bronze, brass And tin and renovate a whole type of utensils or decorative objects such as a tea set, coffee set, fork and other silver pieces.

Silverware restoration requires a lot of patience because it requires detailed work . It's necessary clean carefully each part to remove the dirt accumulated over time then polish this one until she finds her original appearance . Good technical knowledge allows professionals specialized in this field to carry out various silver repairs such as resolder broken pieces or even rebuild certain used parts such as a cutlery handle handle, a knife blade, teapot handles, etc.


Silverware renovation: how do we do it?

It all starts with the initial visual inspection: We check if the surface of your silverware has deep scratches or if there has been oxidation due to prolonged contact with humid air (this usually manifests itself with a black color ) or if there are dents linked to an accident. Following this analysis, we carry out a cleaning And a complete interview for their restore shine as well as their original form.

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OUR expertise allows us to beautify silverware and carry out various operations such as dent removal parts, the re-silvering parts, the chrome plating where the recementing blades in money And steel .

What are our silverware renovation services?

The skills of our goldsmiths allow us to offer a complete silverware renovation to give our customers silver coins like new.
Here is the range of our silverware services :
  • Welding and brazing
  • Planing, straightening and denting silver cutlery and other old silverware
  • Surface treatment with polishing, brightening, burnishing
  • Adding a new layer of silver for optimal coating
  • Addition or renovation of engraving on silver coins
  • Repair of the ornamentation (for pieces with gilding for example)
  • Concealing the cutlery handles
  • Sharpening and chrome plating of blades…

Our Workshop obviously adapts to needs of its customers. Give us a old object (silver cutlery, reliquary, teapot, silver cutlery, tureen, timpani, etc.) and we will analyze the different necessary renovation steps.

Focus on part re-silvering

Silverware is likely to deteriorate over time. This is why the re-silvering is recommended to restore the sound of an object or cutlery look of yesteryear. To re-silver a piece of silver-plated jewelry.
THE restoration process is composed of 3 steps:
  • THE surface finishing : This involves removing (by reverse electrolysis) all traces of the old silvering, then any repairs deemed necessary by the craftsman (welding, dent removal, etc.). Then there is the surface treatment of the metal, then the grip of the support is prepared by degreasing.
  • THE electrolysis treatment : After a first treatment, the silver pieces are placed in a silver bath in order to be covered with silver.
  • THE finishing treatment : Finally, we devote ourselves to finishing work to guarantee you a renovation carried out according to the rules of the art. With sharpening, patination, polishing or any other embellishment technique.
Let's give back glow And shine to your silverware

old silverware

L'Atelier Guillot, a complete goldsmith service

Our teams are able to give birth to any old piece thanks to the work of the following precious metals: gold, silver, platinum, copper, steel, tin or even silvered bronze.

You have a family piece blackened by time and wear or a component of the table Arts Or art deco, damaged? We carry out custom repairs in order to guarantee you a quality catering.
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To go further into the renovation of old pieces , the Atelier also offers you the complete restoration of old perfume sprays pear in crystal, in glass or even in porcelain.

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