Perfume sprays with pear: birth and evolution

Les différents types de vaporisateurs à parfums

The famous perfume sprays with bulb prized today for their elegance and their singularity , were created in 1870.

This essential invention was at the time for men and was initially used for barbers and to hairdressers. The latter used the perfume sprays with bulb to broadcast a cologne mist And eau de toilette as an aftershave on the faces of men who came to shave their beards.

1882: perfume sprays with pear, a real perfumery object

Léopold Franck, entrepreneur in the industrial manufacturing of vaporizers and founder of the Franck house, was the first to attribute perfume sprays with pear to the use of perfumers . It then becomes a symbol of women's perfume.

It is in fact, in 1882, that the perfume spray with pear, real sign of femininity, becomes an object of perfumery for women as we know it today.

This creator of perfume sprays with pear had as its first customers department stores like “Bon Marché”, “Printemps” or even “ Galeries Lafayette » and great perfumers like “ Guerlain ", " Orsay » or even “Coty”. The vaporizer becomes an element included in the essential components of toilet fittings And beauty products. It can be integrated into the field of cosmetics.

1907: Improved perfume sprays with pear

Perfume spray with Pear, signed Baccarat model Malmaison

The son of Léopold Franck, Marcel Franck , takes over 1907 and filed numerous patents for improve the structure of vaporizers perfume with pear. He wishes to modify these bottles to perfect the vaporization technique and the tightness of the bottle of perfume.

In order to achieve its objectives and make sublime perfume sprays with pear , Marcel Franck is close to several crystal makers from different countries including France, Austria and Germany.

At this same time, the making perfume sprays with pear is influenced by Art Nouveau expressed by Lalique , Baccarat , Saint Louis , Gallé, Moser… great creators who contributed to the success of the Franck house.

From 1912: perfume sprays with pear, from innovation to innovation

Perfume sprays will continue to evolve, innovations will follow one another and a artisanal work on the bottle will happen over the years.

Piston spray, Baccarat, cut crystal

In 1912, Marcel Franck created the first perfume spray in the form of mini bottle intended for travel . It is at this moment that the piston perfume bottles will see the light of day for the first time. The process offered by this perfume spray is, in fact, more suitable than that of the pear thanks to its safety latch .
Following this, Marcel Franck will continue to get closer to great creators ( Daum , Schneider, Gabriel Argy-Rousseau) and perfume sprays with pear will adopt new looks And packaging with decorations of flowers, birds or even butterflies.

THE Franck house catalogs will offer many models signed Art porcelain Or Artistic glassware (as Quenvil Or Rousseau art enamels ).

perfume sprays with bulb
Perfume spray with pear signed Quenvil, enameled

1926: Handbag perfume sprays

In homage to Charlie Chaplin's film, the perfume spray is remodeled to create pocket models suitable for handbags.

Following this, will be invented, in 1928, THE brass perfume sprayer by turning and a new travel pattern will integrate this new system.
On these new models of perfume bottles, the brass has a lock ensuring waterproofing as well as conservation of the capacities and scents when traveling.

From year to year, these sophisticated models will be created more and more and many perfume sprays with bulb Or piston will be offered on the market.

Marcel Franck escale model piston vaporizer

Evolution of vaporization systems: the arrival of Claude Franck

The son of Marcel Franck, Claude , arrives on the market at the same time as many perfumes.

Accompanied by his father, Claude Franck will continue to evolve the perfume spray until the creation of a perfume bottle equipped with a 360° spray system (a perfume diffuser axis which turns on itself).

This ingenuity will once again generate new creations with a propellant gas.

The 1950s: what are the perfume spray systems?

After all these discoveries, many models of perfume sprays are found on the market. Among all vaporizer systems And foggers invented, we find different types of perfume bottles:
  • Perfume bottles with rigid tube and button to press

  • Bottle frames extended gooseneck and equipped with a rubber perfume bulb (with trimmings )

    This second system, which Atelier Guillot highlights on its Online Store, gave life to most beautiful perfume sprays of the 20th century .

  • THE piston systems always remain present and are always the models most suitable for travel and handbags thanks to their waterproofness and anti-leak system which thus preserves the capacity of the eau de parfum.

The 90s-2000s: the modernization of perfume bottles

Between the the 50's and the 2000s , the Franck house will be sold to the Pfeiffer company (a new specialist in vaporization systems).
Boxes in tribute to the Franck brand will be published in association with the Baccarat house.

In 1990 , Pfeiffer became Aftar , the world leader in atomizer pumps will create the atomizer bottle and will put an end to the world of independent perfumery.
From there, will be born the perfume bottles which can be found today in various stores.

In 2004 , the grandson of Marcel Franck, Bernard Dennery , in turn, launches into the perfumery field and modernizes the vaporizers while retaining the art deco style to keep the spirit shaped by his grandfather.

In addition to glass bottles And Bohemian crystal, he will use new materials like titanium, there ceramic and the Murano crystal .
The range will be enriched gradually and many models all equally qualitative and aesthetic will appear.

Old perfume sprays from the Guillot workshop

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