The old perfume bottle, the elegance of the gesture

Le flacon de parfum ancien, l'élégance du geste

THE perfume bottle with pear is considered “ the weapon of seducers and seductresses ".

The history of the perfumery dates back to antiquity. Although, at that time, the scent was reserved for worship of the gods. This one was already a symbol of beauty. It is to Queen Cleopatra that we owe the alliance between perfumery And female beauty.

Isabelle Guillot , specialized in repair and the sale of old perfume sprays, is passionate about the symbolism hiding behind this exceptional object . Discover, in his company, the secrets of a perfume bottle with pear in terms of gesture and elegance .

Old and seductive perfume bottle

Put on some perfume is a precise gesture testifying to our attitude and revealing more our charm And our elegance.

On the hair, behind the ears, on the wrists, the nape of the neck... There are many parts of the body where we can perfume to treat yourself to a neat appearance And attractive .

The dexterity of their system , allows old perfume sprays with pear to diffuse tiny droplets scented in strategic locations.

As the famous fashion designer was able to advise, Gabrielle Chanel , perfume yourself wherever you want to be kissed.
Squeeze the pear with your fingertips and sublimate your carnal envelope of a scent delicately vaporized .

Wearing perfume: the gesture itself

The art of perfume using a perfume bottle with pear offers a movement of wrist graceful, delicate and feminine.

This gesture, at the same time chic And elegant , has been highlighted in numerous advertising spots since the end of the Nineteenth century . The perfume is represented as an adornment. This then becomes one of the greatest symbols of the femininity.

The elegance of an old perfume bottle

Perform this light gesture And refined using a old perfume spray distinguished. Its appearance will sublimate the perfume And will reinforce the beauty of the gesture .

Many models are available on our Online Store.
In crystal, glass, porcelain, of different colors and shapes, decorated with patterns and signed with big houses ( Baccarat , Lalique , Guerlain , Daum …) Choose your model And perfume yourself with pleasure And envy.

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