The old crystal perfume bottle, its history

Le flacon de parfum ancien en cristal : son histoire

“The bottle must be the portrait of the perfume it contains” a quote from Georges Delhomme, former artistic director at Lancome .

THE old crystal perfume bottle is the subject of a artistic know-how and a staging developed to highlight the perfume essences.

crystal perfume bottle

In the past, before the birth of ancient crystal perfume bottle , the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians used pots made of terracotta and earthenware to preserve the fragrances (fragrant smells).

THE old crystal perfume bottle therefore succeeded this container as well as the perfume sprays in glass or in porcelain .

What is the history of the old crystal perfume bottle?

The history of old crystal perfume bottle cannot be explained without mentioning the invention of crystal , made in the 17th century. This discovery was made by chance during the production of a glowing glass offering a exceptional sound.
The true story of old crystal perfume bottle, an object prized by collectors, dates back to the 18th Century. A time when glassblowers experimented with several techniques to make glass objects of a clarity and a significant robustness.

How is crystal made?

Unlike ordinary glass, crystal making is done entirely by hand . It differs from glass by being more clear , more bright and equipped with a particular sound.

THE crystal is made of the following materials:

  • Potash
  • Lead
  • Silica (in the form of extra white sand)
  • Currant

It is mainly the lead which offers the crystal its clarity , its sound , sound density and his glow.

In France , a decree of October 11, 1962 defines the criteria for glass specification and the Terms of use from the word crystal:

  • Crystal is a glass with a refractive index of 1.545 or more.
  • Lead crystal has a refractive index greater than or equal to 1.545 and a lead oxide content by at least 24%.

The material was then quickly used in the manufacture of perfume sprays and the old crystal perfume bottle quickly became a coveted accessory for its appearance elegant And distinguished.
THE old crystal perfume bottle is considered a luxury item.

crystal perfume bottle

French manufacturing of crystal perfume bottles

Significant events in the history of the old crystal perfume bottle in France are mainly the birth of the Baccarat house and the specialization of glass factory Saint Louis in the perfume bottle.

Who are the best crystal makers specializing in old crystal perfume bottles?

The most beautiful Old crystal perfume bottles were made by master glassmakers of the crystal factories following:
  • Baccarat : The Baccarat crystal factory and its old crystal perfume bottles are rich in a history of more than 250 years of know-how.

  • Daum : The Daum house creates crystal perfume bottles with subtle details. These master glassmakers have a exceptional know-how.

  • Lalique : The Lalique house was founded in 1888 and has remained for more than a century, one of the greatest symbols of luxurious French craftsmanship . She is the creator of sublime old crystal perfume bottles designed to enhance any fragrance as well as any elixir and perfume extract.

Lalique crystal perfume bottle

  • Saint Louis : The craftsmen of the Saint-Louis house are among the best workers in France. Glassmakers, tailors, engravers, decorators... have been crafting crystal perfume bottles since the 1830s.

Why treat yourself to an old crystal perfume bottle?

As noted above, the crystal is a material that stands out and presents luxurious features. Opt for one old crystal perfume bottle rather than an old ordinary glass perfume bottle, will allow you to enlarge your collection of cosmetic accessories with a precious and radiant perfume spray.

The virtues of an old crystal perfume bottle

A crystal perfume bottle : A symbol of femininity

THE old crystal perfume bottle plays a considerable role in the history of women's perfumery. An old perfume spray with pear is an excellent pomander. A pressure on his pear gives off a delicate fragrance and diffuses some fresh notes of your fruity, floral, woody, musky perfumes… Spray And broadcast a pleasant and subtle olfactory note.

The old perfume bottle with pear is also considered a “ weapon of seduction ”. Its use creates an elegant and graceful gesture. Discover the advantages of a old perfume spray in terms of gestures and femininity.

Treat yourself to a perfume spray more bright

As we have seen, crystal is a material brighter And more shiny than glass. Its refraction of light being more intense, the old crystal perfume bottle has an even more attractive appearance. luxurious.
Diffuse scents or a perfume fragrance by holding a exceptional object And dazzling.

A bottle of perfume unique And sumptuous

Have a original perfume bottle in crystal is both a means of perfume with elegance but also to add a unique piece And sumptuous to his toiletry set.
As useful as it is beautiful, the old crystal perfume bottle can both give you a scent while sublimating its essences and serve as a decorative object.

THE old crystal perfume bottle : a true masterpiece

A Lalique crystal perfume bottle , one Baccarat crystal perfume bottle or other crystal perfume bottles made by master glassmakers testify to a real know-how artisanal French . Much more than a simple perfume spray, the old crystal perfume bottle is a real piece of art which results from meticulous work.

crystal perfume bottle

The old crystal perfume bottle: A high-end perfume refill

Pour your essences And fragrances in this object if precious and prized by collectors and the perfume lover.

A old crystal perfume bottle is the fruit of a story centered on the birth of the crystal and is a real asset for promoting the art of perfumery .
You were won over by the virtues of crystal and the  old perfume sprays ?

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